Twins & Multiples Testimonials

Podee® Baby Bottle – happy and satisfied parents of twins and multiples!

As a physiotherapist for 8 years, I have had the opportunity to treat many an injury related to caring for and the feeding of babies. Some of these include forearm tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tenosynivitis, and many more that I will omit as not to bore you.

In addition to working in private practice, I also own Body Action Design, a company which is tailored to finding products that help not only with sports rehabilitation, injury treatment and fitness, but also products that are functional and assist in INJURY PREVENTION. I believe that after using our Podee system [Baby Bottle] with our twins, I can list more than a dozen reasons why not only parents of multiples but also singles would find this product beneficial while at the same time body friendly and functional.

I carry a number of items in my catalogue and on my website and I am developing a section related more to the activities of daily living for both full bodied and disabled individuals. I would love to be able to offer your product to my clients as well as our soon to be TWINS support group.

Thanks for a fine product and I look so forward to hearing from you. This is the second time I have sent this letter and as of yet I have not received confirmation. I am also in need of a few pieces for the PODEE but because I do not live in the USA I am finding increasing difficulty with obtaining the pieces.

These are the only bottles that I will use. They are wonderful. I had twins and was scared on how I would handle feeding time when my husband went to work. Scared no more, we found these bottles and they are the ones we use. And with these bottles the twins have not had one ear infection at all – not like my older child did when she was on the other kind of bottle.

I tell all new Moms about this bottle and how wonderful it is. The twins will not take any other kind of bottle.

As a grandmother of 4, I have just experience your hands-free bottles with my 6 mo. twin grandchildren.
When my daughter-in-law told me about the bottles, I had a hard time understanding how it works. But after visiting them last week, I am sold on the bottles!
What a wonderful invention and what a life saver for feeding two at a time!

I will recommend the bottles to every new parent. They are especially helpful when traveling or out shopping!

I would just like to start out by saying how much I love your product. I am a new mother to 4-month-old twins. We have been using the podees [Podee Baby Bottles] pretty much since the beginning. At first feeding the twins was very stressful, but then we discovered the podee system and it has literally changed our lives! The Podee has given us that little bit of ease that seems to make all the difference! Every where we go we are stopped at least 5 times and everyone’s question is, “What is that?” People are just amazed and confused by it at the same time. I have only met one person who knew what a Podee was. We always explain what the Podee is and how it works. We tell them how wonderful it is and recommend it to everyone.

I only have one problem with the Podee. The nipples wear out after a short while & you guys don’t sell just the nipples. I’ve tried using other nipples and they don’t work! We are struggling financially because of the twins and don’t have the money to buy a whole new system when all we need is a few new nipples! So far we have bought 10 systems! I thought maybe you could send us a few new large latex nipples for all the free advertisment we have given you! I would really appreciate it if you could.

Sincerely, a Podee Fanatic

Hi…Just wanted to let you know that your product has saved my life. On 7/31/01 my wife gave birth to our twins, John & Deirdre. Walking in the park one day we met a woman who suggested that we try the Podee® Bottle. Well, you know, it worked. Saved us a lot of time and energy. We recommend your product to every parent that we meet. On 12/5/04 my wife gave birth to Mary, Kathleen and Siobhan. The first thing we did was get some new Podee® bottles. Just wanted to say thank you.