Ear Infection Testimonials

Podee® Baby Bottle helps to prevent ear infections!

I enjoyed talking to you about your wonderful Hands-Free bottle. We couldn’t live without it and now neither can the majority of our friends who have children. As I was telling you, many people throughout the Richmond area approach me, wanting to know what this incredible, revolutionary gadget is. I am always more than happy to brag about your product, telling them what it is, does, and where to find it. I can’t express how valuable this bottle is to us.

We use our Podee while Kaitlin (our 9-month-old) is in her walker, playpen and car seat. For us, it saves time. For Kaitlin, it gives her the independence she demands and craves. When she is in her playpen and crib playing and is thirsty, she takes sips from her bottle when she wants to and she always sits up to use this bottle so we don’t have to worry about ear infections from her laying down and drinking at the same time.

We had talked about the expanded marketing possibilities. Just to put it in writing to help you out, we’ve found that this bottle is great for ages 2 months to a little over a year. My best friend started her 2-month-old on this bottle for car trips. We use it religiously in our mini-van. We put it in Kaitlin’s carseat.

Again, thank you for developing such a wonderful, innovative product. We can’t say enough great things about it! If we can be of any help to you in your endeavors with this or any future products, please let us know.

I am writing to just praise you for your product. What a find it was when our daughter (now 5) was an infant and we were traveling with her. Having to stop every 3 hours or so to feed her was bothersome (not because we didn’t want to but because we needed to get there).

We stopped at a relatives home in South Carolina and visited a baby store where we purchased the bottle – we just “plugged” her in and away we went. We also used it when our son was born he was prone to ear infections and heard upright feeding was best. Your product made it possible for him to sit completely upright and still eat. Problem Solved!

But, we never dreamed we’d need it again. It’s even better this time we now have twin girls and when both want fed at the same time (which happens more often than not) no problem. I work at a maternity and infants clothing store and am always telling someone about our discovery. Thanks for your time.

Everywhere I go people ask me about the Podee® bottle. I cannot imagine life without it. I use it in the car, in the grocery store, and anywhere else. I gave one to my friend, a doctor, for her infant’s ear problems and after using the Podee® her daughter didn’t have any more ear infections. She’s sold.

One problem. You guys need better marketing. Do you need any sales reps? I’d be interested.

This is by far the best baby product I have purchased for my son! Due to acid reflux and ear infections he is not able to lay back and drink from a bottle comfortably and is unable to hold a bottle up by himself. The Podee bottle works perfectly for him to sit up and drink as well as on-the-go! I have several friends who are pregnant and definitely plan to purchase Podee bottles for all of them!