Colic & Gas Testimonials

Podee® Baby Bottle helps with colic and gas!

I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. The hardest thing about twins is feeding them both at the same time. Now with the Podee bottle, it’s so easy. Driving in the car, shopping at the mall or just sitting in their high chairs–we use them all the time. Luke, my one baby, won’t take a bottle without the Podee, I guess he must get less air and I think this is one of the reasons why feeding time is so relaxing for both of them. I have turned everyone in my Twins Club onto them. Thanks again, you have made my life a lot easier.

The Podee bottle is amazing. Not only does it help me feed my baby in her car seat while driving to work, I find it also calms her. She feeds in a partial upright position with the bottle so it seems to really help with reflux too. It has also been a big help when getting ready for work or making dinner. It keeps my baby always fed on schedule when my schedule isn’t going so well. I hope everyone finds out about your bottle. What a help!

Podee has been a true blessing – my daughter had colic and the Podee was the only feeding system besides breast feeding that would calm her down. It allowed me to get out of the house without her screaming. I tried propping a bottle, but it just didn’t work. She could use the Podee bottle by herself and be perfectly content. And I didn’t have to worry about her getting too much formula this way. Now she is five months old and she has mastered the Podee Feeding System. I am very active with different groups and activities like Gymboree, Mom’s Clubs, Hospital Play Groups, etc. In addition, my husband and I take our baby out with us every weekend. The system has allowed us to stay involved. Everyone asks about the Podee system so I bought the remaining bottles you had at Babies R Us and gave them away as shower gifts. Even though I still nurse, this product has been a real life saver!