Breastfeeding Testimonials

Podee® Baby Bottle helps breastfeeding parents!

Podee® has been a true blessing – my daughter had colic and it was the only feeding system besides breast feeding that would calm her down. It allowed me to get out of the house without her screaming. I tried propping a bottle, but it just didn’t work. She could hold Podee® by herself and be perfectly content. I did not have to worry about her getting too much formula this way.
Now, she is five months old and she has mastered the Podee® Feeding System. I am very active with different groups and activities like Gymboree, Mom’s Clubs, Hospital Play Groups, etc. In addition, my husband and I take our baby out with us every weekend. The system has allowed us to stay involved. Everyone asks about the system – I bought the remaining bottles you had at Babies R Us and gave them away as shower gifts.

People are constantly approaching me and asking where they can get one. I tell them. However, if you want to give me your business cards, I would pass them out, then, they could order direct from you without going through a middle source.

Please let me know, I would be happy to do this. I still nurse, but this product has been a real life saver. Thanks again [edited]

Our son, Nicholas absolutely loves his Podee®! If he could type, he would tell you that it is the second best way to enjoy his meal. The first of course is breastfeeding. He especially loves to dine in front of the TV while watching any football game that may be on. Thank you Podee®! See attached picture. (20 years from now he will be wearing the helmet with tubes that holds drinks)

When I first saw your bottle I was skeptical. As a breastfeeding mom, I thought that it would be horrible not to hold your baby for a feeding. Well, my third baby was born. I already had a 5 and a 2 year old. She hates her carseat and despises a pacifier. With 2 other kids to run around, I had no choice but for her to be in a carseat. After weeks of hearing her scream and everywhere we went I saw your bottle – at Babies R Us [we] picked it up. It’s been bliss!! She rides along in her carseat happily drinking milk that I express for her into her Podee®. She loves it and we can all travel in peace!!