Special Needs Testimonials

Podee® Baby Bottle helps children with special needs!

Here at the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, our clientele include children with celebral palsy, developmental delay, spina bifida, and neuromotor and neuromuscular conditions.

The Occupational Therapy Department is active in helping parents assist children who have difficulties in feeding, and in this regard, we have found your Podee bottle to be extremely useful in promoting transition from the baby bottle to straw drinking; which is an efficient system of getting liquids into a child with neuromotor challenges. In particular, one young man who is five years old, had not been able to be weaned from drinking from a baby bottle; but after using the Podee baby bottle, we were able to have him drinking from a straw without the use of the baby bottle within a short time.

Any sample bottles you can send would be greatly appreciated. As well, we would like any catalogues of other products you have, and the availability to order additional bottles and/or any of the other products you sell in the future.

I felt compelled to tell you just how much your product has meant to our family.

My 14-month-old son was diagnosed several months ago with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This terrible disease has prevented him from having the independence he obviously desires. For his first year of life he was mostly breastfed. I was unable to skip the bottle and use a cup with him because his muscles just will not allow him to hold anything at an angle. The simple weight of a cup or bottle is too much for him. Unfortunatley, I had to hold a bottle for him just as one would for a newborn. Although I loved the closeness, I longed to see my little boy feed himself. With a three-year-old besides, I also needed some time! I stumbled upon the Podee bottle sheerly by accident. I never knew there was such a thing. Jackson is seen by several doctors, therapists, and even a nutritionist. They think this bottle is the perfect thing for him and wonder why they have never seen this product before.

On a whim, I decided to see if you had a www.podee.com, and therefore I couldn’t resist sending this note. I hope other parents with children of special needs can learn of this very special product. It is the only means of self-feeding my son has. It literally has changed my schedule for the better! I can now leave the house with my son to run an errand and know that he can eat in his stroller by himself. No more searching for a place to sit and hold him!

It’s nice to have free hands to do the dishes and laundry! Thanks so much. I must obtain another Podee bottle soon! Anonymous.

I use your Podee bottle with my handicapped daughter who cannot use her hands to hold a cup to drink from. Your product has been a life-saver. You might consider marketing through Exceptional Parent Magazine or other publications targeted to children and infants with specific need. I am posting your number at our web site for Rett Syndrome (name of my daughter’s disability), as I believe it may help many of these girls. Thanks again!